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Colorado Transportation

As you plan your trip to Colorado, you will probably be excited about all of the activities to enjoy while you are visiting this beautiful state. If you plan ahead, your time in the area will go much more smoothly. You need to make sure you book your accommodations in advance, research the restaurants in the area, decide on attractions to visit and figure out the transportation that is available.

Colorado is well served by flights and the ninth `most busy` airport in the world is Denver International Airport. No matter what city you choose, you can rent a car and drive yourself anywhere you would like. If you enjoy the freedom of taking unknown roads and forging your own path, car rental is a great option for you. If, however, you are staying in one of the larger cities, it is sometimes nice to let someone else drive you around.

Many of the larger cities in the state have transit maps that help you with bus schedules along with other modes of transportation. Taking the bus is a very effective way to get around cities such as Boulder and Denver. You can contact the transit station and get routing maps, schedule information and even bus passes. The FREX regional bus network operates in Denver and Colorado Springs.

During the warmer months of the year, many visitors use bikes to get around in a quick and enjoyable manner. Some of the cities within the state also offer bike maps that help you ride in the safest places.

The larger cities also have taxis available. These cars for hire range from standard vehicles to business class, sedan services. You can hire a taxi to take you from your hotel to your chosen restaurant, or you can hire a car to transport you everywhere you want to go all week long.

If you need to get from the airport to your hotel, many hotels offer shuttle services. You can simply inform them when you arrive and you can get a ride with ease. There are also a number of rail and bus systems in most of the Colorado cities. Travelling by rail is one of the most beautiful ways to see the state. There are tourism and mass transit trains, depending on which city you visit. If you visit Colorado Springs, you can find bus rides in the metro area as well as up into the mountains.

If transport fascinates you, Colorado is also home to a number of historical transport museums. These include the world`s highest cog railway, Pikes Peak, which is six miles from Colorado Springs and just under 80 miles from Denver. You will also find the Colorado Railroad Museum just outside Denver and the Colorado Auto Museum at Gateway.

It is a good idea to study the modes of transportation in the city of your choice before you even arrive. That way, you do not have to waste any time planning your routes. As you look through the various maps and information, it is possible that you will even run across some sort of Groupon deal that will help to save you money on transportation during your adventure. When you are planning a trip on a budget, saving in any aspect is a good deal.


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